memoryz :'(

Friday, September 14, 2012

That should be me :'(

Dah lama kita break-up. Dah lama jugak tak contact you. N dah lama jugak single. Rindu you ! U tahu i buad satu folder kat lappy i ' Eyla Playlist' yg terkandung lagu2 yg akan always mengingatkan i kat you setiap kali i mendengarnya. xD

Just the way you are- Bruno Mars
Talking to the moon-Bruno Mars
Who Is-Bruno Mars
Grenade-Bruno Mars
Billionaire-Bruno Mars
Nothing on you-Bruno Mars
That should be me- Justin Bieber
Perfect Two- Auburn
On my mind-Cody Simpson
Ur my everything-Santa Esmeralda
Can't smile without you-Barry Manilow
My all-Mariah Carrey
Dadali-Di saat aku mencintaimu

Since the day we become couple and become MY ALL, i didn't care WHO IS you..You already know rite, UR MY EVERYTHING to me.. and i always catch a GRENADE for you.. sometimes i TALKING TO THE MOON that we can be a PERFECT TWO couple but i know i can't. I'm sorry to say that i CAN'T SMILE WITHOUT YOU in my life.NOTHING ON YOU can make me feel hate to you..because you are the one of BILLIONAIRE boy that always being ON MY MIND. I love you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE ^___^


I FEEL MISS YOU WHEN I READ OUR LAST CONVERSATION :') 1 years 4 month, we break. Thanks for being a precious moment in my life <3